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Community Planning

Get input from a larger and more diverse audience

Reach beyond the usual suspects and meaningfully involve your community to make fair and inclusive decisions.

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“Our public consultation services require easy-to-configure and user-friendly digital platforms, and our recent pilot of Ethelo in a community planning project was a successful collaboration. I will work with them again for sure."

Vince Verlaan

Engagement Specialist, MODUS

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Reach your residents

Increase participation in your engagements and educate residents in a transparent and approachable manner.

Build consensus

Help residents weigh priorities and evaluate trade-offs to reduce polarization and identify the option with broad support.

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Get representative results

Ensure your decisions reflect priorities across your community by involving a more diverse group of residents in your engagements.

Community Story

Discover how the Town of Gibsons received more than 1,200 comments and 23 new proposals on their updated Official Community Plan

See how they did it

Make decisions that meet the needs of your whole community

Learn how our team can help you engage a representative sample of hundreds or thousands of residents.

Types of Planning Engagements

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Community and land use

Empower residents to help plan the future of your community – whether you’re engaging on master plans, zoning by-laws, or development proposals.

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Gather constructive feedback and find areas with widespread support on potentially contentious issues such as mobility pricing and transportation infrastructure.

Capital projects

Consult your community for priorities and ideas on everything from parks and facilities to long-term capital planning.

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…and more!

Ethelo can be used to engage residents on almost any issue.

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Free resources to help with your planning engagements


Reaching beyond the usual suspects

As someone who works in local government, you know how challenging it can be to reach a broad cross-section of your community and hear from underrepresented groups. In this Masterclass series, you’ll get access to five free, daily videos, highlighting tips and tricks to expand your public engagement.

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Practical lessons: How online engagement can strengthen your community planning process

The Town of Okotoks, Alberta is one of Canada's leading practitioners of online engagement. Learn about the Town of Okotoks' first-hand experiences using engagement technology for a variety of planning purposes, including land-use planning, environmental master planning, and long-range planning.

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