Complex issues involving diverse stakeholders are often reduced to a simplistic “For” or “Against” model that fails to harness the full collective intelligence of the group. It also leads to one-sided outcomes that split people into winners and losers – the conditions for risk and resistance.

Poor decisions are at the heart of conflicts on all scales, failed efforts, and
billions of dollars lost.

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Ethelo is a web platform built to help groups of any size find smart & effective decisions quickly and fairly. It is powered by a unique, patented algorithm designed to focus the collective intelligence of groups. Ethelo business tool able to evaluate millions of scenarios and identify the best, most strongly supported course of action in seconds; drastically reducing the cost and risks of group decision making.

Maximize Stakeholder Support

Ethelo business intelligence tool aids in making effective decisions by taking into consideration the opinions and wisdom of all the stakeholders.

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Ethelo can represent constraints, priorities and criteria, allowing for complex decision-making and practical, actionable results.

Make Better Decisions Faster

Ethelo identifies numerous possibilities within seconds and gives you the best potential solutions.

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Ethelo on the Blockchain

February 9th, 2018|

More Than Money: While bitcoin has seen many ups and downs, blockchain, the technology behind it, is steadily growing. For months, talk around bitcoin and so called cryptocurrencies has dominated the financial and technology sectors. Last year, the value

“An exceptional advance on the state of the art”

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