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The Problem of Group Decisions


Find out if Ethelo is right for you!
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The Power of Ethelo

Getting to a high-quality action plan can be a major challenge – that amplifies with many options and stakeholders. Complexity like this is where Ethelo shines. Ethelo guarantees the highest quality results with the greatest possible participant buy-in, saving you time and money and earning you a mandate for action.

Ethelo’s powerful algorithmic technology harnesses the powers of optimized consensus and scenario analysis within a comprehensive engagement framework.

Deep Dive into the Technology

No matter what problem you’re trying to solve,
you can do it better with Ethelo.

Do Business

Focus the intelligence
of your subject matter
experts to work better,
faster, and smarter.

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Build Internal

Engage and activate
your staff in making
your company the most
successful it can be.

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Your Leadership

Create a shared
vision for the future
that harnesses the
hidden wisdom of
your organization.

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Activate Your

Engage large numbers
of stakeholders to
deliberate and reach
consensus on critical

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Client Stories

Client Stories



Create a pragmatic and broadly supported action plan to address key challenges faced for each of 4 departments.


Four highly optimized, departmental plans, increased communication, and better informed staff

The Government of Canada conducts a government-wide Public Service Employee Survey (PSES) every 3 years, engaging staff throughout the public service in giving feedback on their workplace and job satisfaction. The data produced is extremely reliable and well segmented.
However, it can take a long time for well structured plans to be formulated to
address issues that are identified. This is where Ethelo came in

The staff action plan creation was a great success. Using Ethelo brought transparency and inclusivity to the process.

Annie Desgagné, Regional Director, Public
Works and Government Services Canada

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Find out if Ethelo is right for you!
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