Planning for Successful Engagements

with Joan Botkin







Learn the foundations of planning an effective public engagement

When done properly, public engagement has the potential to build social capital and create a positive partnership with administration and the community. But good engagement requires proper planning and preparation – and sometimes local government staff do not have the time, knowledge or resources to do this effectively.

In this masterclass series, you’ll learn the key principles for effectively engaging your residents through five free, daily videos.

Join Joan Botkin, former Manager of Communications for the Town of Okotoks, as she walks you through the main steps for planning a meaningful engagement process.

Why Take the Masterclass?

  • Learn how to plan and implement successful engagement activities with your community
  • Gain tips and guidelines for planning an authentic engagement that aids decision-making
  • Get access to templates and resources for planning your public engagement

Who Should Take the Masterclass?

This masterclass is for any local government staff leading public engagement activities. 

Have an upcoming engagement on the calendar? Don’t have time for a full class or training program? This masterclass will cover the basics of public engagement planning and point you to resources for further learning.

Your Agenda

Our classes are meant to fit into your busy schedule. Sign up for short 5-6 minute videos, sent to your inbox every day for five days, that can be watched whenever you have the time.

Learn how to clarify the issue and why it’s essential to know the larger history and background of the engagement.

5 minute video

Dive into identifying decision-makers and opportunities for internal collaboration. You’ll also learn about taking constraints like budget and timelines into account.

6 minute video

Look at how to identify your demographics and stakeholders, as well as their expectations for input, so that you can tailor the engagement to the group.

5 minute video

Understand how to plan a collaborative engagement that builds trust and social capital with your community.

6 minute video

Learn how to work with your communications staff to clarify messaging and create a plan for reaching a wide, diverse audience.

6 minute video

Ready to Start?

Grasp the foundations of planning for an authentic public engagement in less than a week. You’ll receive a daily email lesson every day for five days.