Ethelo helps communities make decisions based on reliable, consensus-driven insights.

Ethelo's platform allows communities to learn, make trade-offs and get actionable insights for making decisions based on feedback that represent each community's diversity.

Caregiver and children walking in a forest

“Ethelo offers a different opportunity in terms of allowing a conversation to happen online. We can see the general consensus as it’s forming and participants have more opportunities to see different perspectives.”

Marni Hutchinson

Communications Specialist, Town of Okotoks



Publish content and manage engagements in multiple languages. Pre-configured with 5 languages.


Complies with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 AA for universal access.

Multiple Access Modes

Supports five different access types, from one-click public access to highly secure logins.


Mobile responsive design ensures optimal display of content across computers, tablets and all mobile devices.

Multi-Role Access

Allows many types of user roles, including administrators, participants, moderators and observers.

Material Design

Material design user experience for simple, professional presentation.


Encrypted, Firewalled

End-to-end HTTPS encryption and industry-standard AWS Virtual Private Cloud network security.

Dedicated Servers

Process and store your data on a private server for highly secure access.

Passive Authentication

Identifies unusual or suspicious user activity to eliminate spam or robot accounts.

Restricted Mode

Option to require access codes and email confirmation for sensitive engagements.

National Hosting

Host your engagement on servers in your own country.


Advanced moderation panel to review, edit and/or delete flagged comments.


Library of Templates

Access a library of dozens of different decision templates for all kinds of group engagements.

White Labelling

Brand the platform with your own logo, custom colours and fonts, and custom CSS styling.

Customizable URL

Select your own *.ethelo.net address, or choose a custom URL for each project.

Rich, Beautiful Content

Edit your content directly in the rich text editor. You can embed videos, images, and upload files.

Editable HTML and CSS

Exercise full control over the appearance of your content, right down to the HTML and CSS.

Custom Pages

Mix and match different engagements on different pages for a fully customized environment.

Translation Library

Tailor any of the system words on the platform to suit your engagement.



Use surveys and questionnaires to gather information and present the results to participants in real-time.


Allow participants to propose ideas, and discuss and evaluate each others suggestions.


Provide forums for threaded discussion on an unlimited number of topics, options or questions.

Private Feedback

Allow participants to post their responses privately for the eyes of administrators only.


Allow participants to propose ideas, and discuss and evaluate each others suggestions.


Industry-leading suite of voting and decision-making functionality (see Decisive).


Customize and schedule your participant emails including invitations, reminders, and thank you emails.

Trackable Sharing

Give participants a trackable URL to share, and reward those who encourage the most to join.


Multi-Scale Likerts

Participants can evaluate options using a range of likert-scale voting tools.

Weigh Issues

Participants can prioritize issues and determine where they want to have the most influence.

Personal Top Choice

Participants can use voting tools to identify their personal top choice from all scenarios.

Scenario Analysis

Ethelo uses scenario analysis to find the most strongly supported solutions to complex problems.

Criteria Evaluation

Participants can apply and weight different criteria in evaluating the options on the tables.

Adjustable Influence

The amount of influence different participants and groups have on the results can be fine-tuned.

Actionable Outcomes

Ensure real-world constraints such as cost are respected in any potential decisions generated.

Fair Results

Find outcome scenarios where satisfaction is distributed fairly, reducing polarization and resistance.


Regular Reporting

Schedule pre-configured report updates on an hourly or daily basis.

Data Exports

Export your data to specially designed spreadsheet templates for easily customized visualizations.


Share some or all of the real-time results with your participants in an easy graphical format.

Deep Data Analysis

Analyse your results using a variety of custom analytics for unprecedented support insight.

Google Analytics Integration

One-click connect to Google analytics for advanced understanding of on-platform activity.

Demographic Readjustment

Adjust participant influence to turn non-representative sample groups into representative samples.


Understand how Ethelo compares to other stakeholder engagement platforms.


We have white hat testers audit our platform regularly. Read our clean bill of health.