Masterclass: Reaching Beyond The
Usual Suspects

With Andrea Reimer and Ben West







Learn how to Significantly Boost Participation and Hear From Underrepresented Groups

As someone who works in local government, you know how challenging it can be to reach a broad cross-section of your community and hear from underrepresented groups. In this Masterclass series, you’ll get access to five free, daily videos, highlight tips and tricks to expand your public engagement. Join former Vancouver City Councillor, Andrea Reimer, and Community Engagement Expert, Ben West, as they walk through the how-tos of micro-targeting, connecting with local influencers and utilizing both digital and traditional forms of advertising.

Why Take the Masterclass?

  • Get insight into the best practices for micro-targeted campaigns and how to meet people where they are 
  •  Learn practical advice from two industry experts with over a decade of experience in local government and community engagement 
  • Learn how to optimize your digital and traditional outreach strategies to ensure you are making the best use of your advertising budget  

Who Should Take the Masterclass?

  • Local government staff looking to expand their public engagement to reach a representative sample and ensure community buy-in
  • Team leaders interested in improving the effectiveness of their engagement campaigns through tried and true digital marketing strategies
  • Local government staff interested in determining more specific and impactful stakeholder groups and learning how to reach them

Your Week's Agenda:

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The first step to reaching underrepresented groups is identifying who they are. Andrea Reimer provides insight into how to identify these communities as a first step in the process of broadening your reach. 

3 minute video

How can micro-targeting be utilized to focus on underrepresented groups within your community? Ben West details how micro-targeted campaigns can help ensure any engagement process is more fair, inclusive and reaches people that aren’t usually being heard from.

13 minute video

Digital advertising is typically viewed as the clear path for reaching a diverse audience. But is it always the most effective? Learn how to improve your marketing strategy using targeted traditional advertising methods.

5 minute video

Influencers have always been a crucial part of our communities, as people we look to for advice and guidance. This video dives into the importance of identifying and connecting with influential people within your community.

7 minute video

Monitoring your audience as you go and re-adjusting and re-targeting your outreach are a key part of ensuring your engagement process is inclusive and wide-reaching. Learn how to effectively track the results of your engagement to improve the end results. 

3 minute video

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