Design 101 for Public Servants

with Andrea Reimer







Learn to Design Documents That Will Attract Your Audience’s Attention​

Whether you’re putting together a presentation for stakeholders or a report to council, you know you only have a limited amount of time to get your message across. In this Masterclass series, you’ll get access to five free, daily videos, covering key design principles for presenting your information more effectively. Join former Vancouver City Councillor Andrea Reimer as she highlights simple ways you can design your documents to be more accessible and legible – no special skills or software required.

Why Take the Masterclass?

  • Get a primer on the basics of graphic design from a local government perspective
  • Understand how to create documents that draw people in and are easy to follow along
  • Learn visual communication techniques you can easily apply with the tools you already use

Who Should Take the Masterclass?

You don’t need to be a designer to be able to do good design. This masterclass is for any local government staff who want to increase the clarity of the documents they create, such as:

  • Presentation slides for council
  • Web pages and print materials for residents
  • Reports for colleagues and stakeholders
  • Any other document you design on your computer

Your Agenda

Our classes are meant to fit into your busy schedule. Sign up for short 2-5 minute videos, sent to your inbox every day for five days, that can be watched whenever you have the time.

Learn why good design is important and get introduced to four fundamental design principles from The Non-Designer’s Design Book: Contrast, Repetition, Alignment, and Proximity – also known as C.R.A.P.

2 minute video

Learn how to use simple font changes and repeating visual elements to draw your audience’s attention to key points and guide them through your document.

5 minute video

Dive into the meanings and uses of different types of alignment, including how to use it to make your text easier to read.

5 minute video

Get to know how putting related items close together, through spacing and layout, makes documents more legible.

2 minute video

Now that you’ve learned about the four design principles, find out how to use them all together in a document. Then get some final tips and tricks from Andrea on further developing your design skills.

4 minute video

Ready to Start?

Grasp the basics of design and start producing more compelling documents in just one week. You’ll receive a daily email lesson every day for five days.