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Award-winning engagement technology backed by expert services

Ethelo’s award-winning engagement technology is just one part of our clients’ success when they engage their communities. With hundreds of engagement projects under their belts, our team of experts has helped with everything from targeted communications to live deliberations and advanced results analysis.

Every Ethelo license purchased includes configuration and reporting services. If you’d like our help with anything else, you can choose from our list of add-on options below.

If there’s something you need that you don’t see, please let us know and we may be able to help.

Process Design

Module Library

Choose a decision template from our library of successful engagements. Look through our collection of planning, budgeting, project design or policy development templates to find the approach best suited for your needs.

Custom Decision Design

Are you faced with a unique, complex or contentious group decision that requires special treatment? No problem, no group decision is too hard!. We’ll meet with you and scope out your custom project. We guarantee a solid process and a smart, practical and well-supported decision.

Content Development

It’s not easy to create user-friendly content that educates and inspires participants. And it takes time to get it right. But we have experience you can rely on and hundreds of processes behind us. Our designers and writers will help you create a decision journey that people appreciate and support.

UX and Content Review

Need some expert eyes to review your process before it goes live? We will audit and optimize your content for high completion rates, accessibility and participant satisfaction.

Citizen Panels

We will create a public engagement campaign for your process that ensures the participation of a large representative sample of residents from your community. It begins with a digital outreach strategy tailored to your budget and needs and targeted campaigns using a broad array of online and offline channels.

Expert Consulting

We will work with your communications team to create a coordinated campaign strategy that maximizes all your available digital assets and resources. We can "fill the gaps" in your team's time and capacity, tailoring our support to your needs.

Digital Marketing

We will create a range of marketing assets (posts, ads etc.) and use a variety of digital platforms to target key demographics and communities. This includes tracking impressions, visits, completions and optimizing the outreach in real-time for maximum diversity and impact.

Paper Ballot

We’ll provide a nicely designed paper copy of the process for residents to fill out with a pen and return. This makes it easy to access for those who are unfamiliar with or don’t have easy access to technology. We will upload the responses into the digital platform and merge them with the online data.

Mail Drop

We will create and distribute an attractive mailer to ensure participation from key neighbourhoods and communities. This is great for rounding out participation.

Postering and Billboards

We will design compelling posters and billboards, identify locations and hire local companies to erect them in high-visibility public spaces

Citizen Lottery

We will send personal invitation letters and incentives to a random selection of local "representatives" to establish a baseline cohort of participants. Lotteries are good for multi-tier processes where some participants engage in collaborative deliberation.

Outbound Calling (Telesurveyors)

We will call a random cohort of local residents and enter their responses into the platform as we talk them through the process. This helps ensure diverse participation irrespective of technology access or literacy.

Inbound Calling (Phone Concierge)

We provide a call-in line and live receptionists so that people can call in and be walked through the process verbally. Their responses will be entered for them without the need for anything but a phone.

Grassroots Organizing

We identify different grassroots, issue-oriented organizations in your community that will be interested in the issues raised in the consultation and support them in reaching out to their members and followers.

Kiosks (post-Covid)

We will work with local partners who host kiosks with computers in seniors centres, malls, libraries or community centres where people can come and have easy access to the digital tools for participation.


Accessibility Audit

We will go through your engagement and ensure that all content is presented in a friendly, inclusive way that leaves no one behind. Ethelo is WCAG 2.0 AA rated.


Would you like us to translate your process into another language? We can provide double-vetted translations into any language you need.


Your Ethelo project can be made available in English, French, Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hindi and many more. Mongolian, anyone? Just let us know!


Comment Moderation

We will monitor and moderate all comments and dialogue on the Ethelo platform, using a combination of automated comment monitoring with human review and moderation.

Social Media Management

We will monitor your Facebook presence and other social media platforms and provide friendly hosts to address questions people raise, provide neutral information and respond courteously to negative comments.

Virtual Open House

We will host a live ‘open house’ which can include a short presentation and a facilitated Q&A period. Links to the open house will be promoted on your website, social media, etc. The open house includes a walk-through and a discussion of the key issues on the platform. The session can also be recorded and embedded on your municipal website as a historical and educational piece.

Salon Politic

We will host a live deliberative dialogue process with up to 300 participants per session. The Zoom-based dialogue would include professional facilitation, breakout groups, and three to five people per "salon" with hosts. The process involves training volunteer hosts, several rounds of salons, and a report to participants.

eDemocracy Assembly

We will host a highly accessible, large-scale online deliberation process (1,000+ people) to land on a set of shared objectives and strategies. In the process, we facilitate hundreds of conversations online in which people get to contribute and discuss ideas, give feedback to each other in small facilitated groups and build a collective consensus for action.


Custom Report

We will provide you with a beautiful, custom-designed report with key insights you need to present to your city council.

Advanced Analysis

We will supplement your custom report with advanced analysis that includes;

  • Weighting of results of participant inputs to align with baseline census data in order to ensure polling-level accuracy.
  • Results and analysis for specific subgroups and provide granular comparisons across demographics

Comment Analysis

We will theme and code the participant comment data and pull out key recurring ideas and sentiments and present this data in a visually compelling way.

Story Telling

We will upgrade your report by including a compelling narrative of the story of the engagement, how it was experienced by community members, and create a compelling, friendly record of the process.

Full Data Access (included)

Full access to anonymized data for deeper analysis


Advanced Ethelo Platform Training

Follow-up evaluation of Citizen sentiment


Ethelo was very supportive. They provided us with options and ideas of the best way to engage our residents. We were able to share our ideas and concerns about how to engage our residents throughout the process. They responded immediately to our requests, and they were there to help us to put all that data together in a platform that was easy to use, informative and engaging.

Shauna Conard

Financial Planning & Budget Administrator
City of Lethbridge

The experience reporting back was excellent. We had a number of interactions where we got the presentation to our senior leadership team to a really good place. I found the process collaborative and iterative, and the Ethelo team was open to understanding the story we wanted to tell.

Erika Botond

Senior Manager, Communications
Town of Whitby

The online public engagement was very effective. The Ethelo and eDemocracy teams made the setup and execution of the process easy and efficient. We learned a lot about the priorities of our particular community and gained further understanding of our citizenry through the 233 pages of comments the survey garnered.

Darryl J Martin

Chair, Climate Action Plan Steering Committee

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Discover how Salt Spring Island meaningfully engaged more than 10% of residents amidst the COVID-19 pandemic

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