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Ethelo Support Services

A quality experience at every project phase

Execute every aspect of your project with confidence when guided by Ethelo Support.

Our team of in-house project administrators and certified partners hold deep specific subject matter expertise, ranging from digital engagement, risk management and staff engagement to government contracts and large public consultations.

Ethelo Support services are included in each of our product packages and additional services may be purchased “à la carte” to support any custom digital solution.

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Support services focus on three universal project areas


Ethelo Support works with clients to define a framework for success in two distinct phases. The discovery process is designed for agility and project risk reduction.

Phase One: Problem Exploration

  • Explore and specify project needs, and share platform capabilities
  • Identify major knowledge gaps and known blocks
  • Launch ideation consultation on platform, if needed

Phase Two: Solution Scoping

  • Determine people and resources required
  • Define parameters of a successful outcome
  • Create a project plan


Following the Discovery Process, Ethelo Support will help build your project on the platform, including early prototyping, platform configuration, content integration, user interface adaptation, participant and role management.

During this process, Ethelo Support will often reference historical decision templates towards introducing new possibilities during early project prototyping, as well as work with clients to adapt Ethelo to their branding objectives.

Once a project is live, Ethelo Support will either act as a decision moderator or empower that role within the client organization and will provide basic (tier 1) technical support, and liaise towards intermediate (tier 2) technical support from the Ethelo technical team, in the unlikely event it is required.


Ethelo generates a dynamic results page as well as a standard report and base data export to empower Ethelo Support and clients to glean the most insight from the data. Ethelo Support is able to provide the following added-value services:

  • Statistical analysis and projections
  • Segmented analysis
  • Time-based analysis
  • Monte Carlo simulation and knowledge transfer

Become a Certified Consultant

If your consulting practice helps organizations make the right decisions through a robust, defensible process, then becoming Ethelo Certified could work for you.