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Meet Our Team

Since 2011, Ethelo’s mission has been to empower decision-makers and community members to make better decisions together. We believe that true change lies within equitable, meaningful and accessible community engagement.

Meet our team of passionate individuals who get up every morning to work towards a more sustainable, equitable society.

Why We're Proud to be a Certified B Corporation

Our Team

John Richardson


John is a mathematician, lawyer, entrepreneur and the inventor of the Ethelo technology.

Laura Williams

Senior Software Developer

Laura is a software engineer and expert in crowd-sourcing platforms.

Mat Markman 


Mat Markman has worked in the governance and web3 space for more than a decade.

Dan Hathway

Professional Services

Dan is an experienced management consultant that provides operational support to clients.

Ahmed Lelamo

Fulfillment Specialist

“Humanity has infinite potential for good and can realize it if we work together.”

Bradley Roulston

Partnership Development

Go getter, community builder, and direct sales for Ethelo.

Vatsal Chauhan

Front-End Developer

Vatsal is a software developer specializing in both front-end and back-end.

Saad Sabb

Fulfillment Specialist 

Saad manages fulfillment procedures, helping clients in building consultations.

Sean Melrose

Board Treasurer

Sean is a certified financial manager and social venture fund investor.

Hilary Kilgour

Board Member

Hilary is known for her leadership in scaling global organizations that offer disruptive systems level solutions.

Erin DeGroote

WordPress Developer

Erin is a Front-End developer with a special love for PHP, photography and design.

Colin Payne

Content Manager

Colin is an experienced content marketing professional who loves to tell great stories.