The digital deliberation tool for engagement professionals

  • Upgrade your professional engagement services with the power of collective intelligence.
  • Leading consultants need a highly customizable technology to achieve the best results.
  • Ethelo is a critical tool for any engagement firm looking to solve complex, contentious problems.
  • Engage communities and build consensus – even in the toughest situations. 

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Focus on executing, less on building with Ethelo’s expert support and easy to use platform

Get exceptional results by focusing your energy where it is can have the highest impact

Work with IAP2 Award-winning software to deliver customized, user-friendly engagements that avoid oversimplification.

Access the expertise and product refinement that comes from hosting hundreds of high-value, unique decision-processes.

Use transparency, fairness and deliberative dialogue to generate buy-in and focus collective effort on critical changes

Increase your client’s satisfaction with real-time, sophisticated analytics and specific, actionable and broadly-supported results

It’s easy to add Ethelo to your toolbox of available services

Get access to Ethelo’s fully customizable admin panel and our comprehensive knowledge base

Choose from our full suite of project templates.

Obtain training, support, and expert advice on-demand

See examples of our latest projects with consultants

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