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Privacy Policy


Ethelo Decisions Inc. collects and stores personal information in order to coordinate a social voting process with the goal of identifying strongly supported collective decisions. By using our sites and related pages and applications, you permit Ethelo to collect data about you which may sometimes include personal information.

“Personal Information” you provide when using Ethelo, which includes your votes on topics and options, your private comments, your survey responses and automatically gathered usage information such as device IDs and cookies, will not be identifiable as coming from you unless you specifically consent. 

Ethelo will allow Hosts to do analysis on the anonymized information contained within our databases. However, because the information is anonymous by default, no one will be able to connect any information with you unless you have given your express consent. The Host of each decision has agreed to keep private and secure any personal information you consent to share with them that you have not chosen to share publicly.

“Personal Contact” information you provided to Ethelo, in particular your name and email, will be shared with the host of the group decision process you participated in. The host has specifically agreed to use that information only for specific purposes, and to not spam you or share it. 

Ethelo will also use your personal contact information to enable you to have access to and use our services, to gather feedback, and to send you updates about decision processes you have participated in and information about decision processes you are eligible to participate in. We will always provide a simple means for you to request not to receive the material.

“Our sites and related pages and applications” include the website and all related pages hosted at, as well as the Ethelo Platform and all related pages and applications hosted at (which may sometimes appear under different URL titles; for example, it may appear in the format

Ethelo takes your right to privacy extremely seriously. We are very careful about how we store, access, and use your personal information. Please see the sections below for details.

Request or Delete your Personal Information

If you would like to view or remove any information we have about you, feel free to submit the Request Your Personal Information form. Please click this link to view the form.

Information Storage and Cookies

Information created in the context of using Ethelo services is stored on a secured server hosted in Canada. Our servers automatically log information about visits to our websites in the normal course of establishing and maintaining web connections, such as device IDs, visitors’ IP addresses, time and duration of visit, and pages visited. We collect this information so that we may manage and improve our services. Ethelo personnel who have signed confidentiality agreements will have access to servers containing this information for the purpose of maintaining our websites, including the Ethelo Platform.

Please note that when you visit our sites, the pages that you look at, and a short text file called a cookie, are downloaded to your computer. A cookie is used to store small amounts of information. The cookie does not contain personal details and we only use the cookie within our own website.

Please read our Cookie Policy to learn more about how we handle Cookies.


Third Parties

Ethelo makes use of third-party services from Google, which may also collect, store, and distribute limited amounts of your personal information in order to carry out their services. They do so in accordance with U.S. law and their own privacy policies. Neither of these services has access to any of your voting, survey, or comment information.

With Google, Ethelo uses Google Analytics to perform internal statistics of website traffic. These services involve Google collecting information such as your IP address, geographic location, and browser type, all of which is handled according to Google’s privacy policy.

Ethelo will never provide your personal information to any third parties without your express prior consent. We also will not sell, give, or trade the statistics or other information we store to any third parties for data-mining or marketing purposes.


Suggestions / Questions / Concerns

Suggestions on how we can improve our privacy or privacy policy are welcome. To make suggestions, or if you have questions or concerns about our privacy policy, please contact