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Case Study

Me on the Map


Long Case Study


Empower children to re-imagine public spaces through collaboration


More than 300 children ages 5 – 12 collaborated in decision-making on the design of public spaces

ME ON THE MAP is an interactive theatre experience for children aged 6-15 about civic engagement and inclusive decisions. Children were empowered through a hand-on experience to re-conceive their city’s public spaces, through creative play, by taking into account values such as happiness/hardship, spontaneity/predictability, and inclusion/exclusion. Ethelo was used as a discovery tool for a live data-analyst who encouraged the children to deliberate, decide and design real-life scenarios where their lives could be fair, meaningful, and fun. Me on the Map has done 14 performances engaging about 350 children and 50 adults over the past 4 years.

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