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Case Study

Vancouver Coastal Health


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Enable employees to create a social contract with management around mutual expectations


An empowering engagement process, leading to a highly-supported shortlist of staff expectations and employee accord with management

Clearly expressed agreements setting out mutual expectations are a critical component of a healthy and vibrant work culture. Vancouver Coastal Health’s employee engagement team deployed Ethelo to streamline a real-time engagement with staff to develop an Employee Accord. The platform enabled staff to shortlist the most important set of expectations they had of management, from among 700+ potential combinations, and clearly articulate the kind of organizational support they needed in order to do their jobs effectively.

We were looking for a tool that allowed a deeper level of deliberation and engagement than was possible with surveys. What drew us to choose Ethelo was its unique ability to identify strongly supported decisions within constrained situations

Conrad Cone
Innovation & Engagement Advisor
Vancouver Coastal Health