Case Study: Vancity Credit Union – Member Driven Innovation2021-11-30T07:35:38-07:00

Case Study

Vancity Credit Union

Member-driven Innovation

Long Case Study


To identify and prioritize cooperative initiatives that have the highest value for their members


Quick strategic insights and highly-supported shortlists of initiatives popular among Millennials

Canada’s largest credit union is committed to the flourishing of local communities. Geared for the task, Vancity used Ethelo to identify broadly-supported initiatives to accelerate the cooperative economy in the greater Vancouver area. Starting in 2014, each year over 300 millennials have continued to evaluate ways to promote the growth of co-ops, build business acumen, and foster co-owned working spaces. A mix of ratings, comments, “likes”, and 100s of suggestions have helped Vancity shortlist yearly sets of popular initiatives among Millennials.

Ethelo helps us accelerate the conversation in real-time, but is also helping us to get deep and robust insight that I’m not sure how we would capture otherwise.

Elizabeth Geller
Community Investment Manager
Vancity Credit Union