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Case Study

International Peace and Security Institute


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Focus the insights of subject experts on strategy solutions to the global problem of violent extremism


Quality, focused input from experts providing clear insight into the effectiveness of a range of strategic interventions as well as highlighting areas of consensus and disagreement

In 2016 the International Peace and Security Institute hosted a symposium on ‘Countering Violent Extremism’ in Washington D.C. Over 250 leading policymakers, digital pioneers, religious leaders and development practitioners used Ethelo as an online tool to collectively evaluate a range of strategies. Experts identified the top strategies as well approaches regarded as ineffective. The platform revealed levels of disagreement and consensus on different ideas, as well as (unexpected) areas of difference and convergence between diverse participant subgroups.

Ethelo turned out to be such a huge asset to the symposium – thanks!

Cameron Chisholm
International Peace and Security Institute