Case Study: Elections and Annual General Meetings2020-01-23T23:40:54-07:00

Case Study



Long Case Study


Conduct director elections, and invite shareholder feedback on financial statements and proposed resolutions for upcoming Annual General Meeting


A broadly supported board of directors and pre-approved shareholder agreement proposal

Ethelo used its platform for AGM meetings and director elections in both 2014, 2015 and 2016. Ethelo provided a transparent process for all shareholders to learn about candidate directors and to enter their vote. Shareholders were also able to learn about, discuss and vote on motions proposed for the agenda in advance of the live meeting. In many cases, the advance discussions and voting led to amendments to those motions even before they were presented formally at the AGM.

Using Ethelo for our director elections and shareholder meetings allows us to live our principles, and gain the benefit of crowd wisdom as we build and grow our own business.

John Richardson
Ethelo Decisions