Case Study: Capital Regional District2021-11-30T07:28:00-07:00

Case Study

Public Infrastructure Consultation


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To foster transparency in the process of gauging sentiment and levels of public support for six potential locations for the new facility


A transparent results panel, shortlisting the two potential locations with the highest public approval

The Capital Regional District of British Columbia, Canada used Ethelo to bring full-transparency to an heated decision around the location for wastewater treatment plant. Local citizens and governing bodies needed to resolve the diversity of needs of tax-payers, activists, and municipal administrators. After evaluating 6 potential locations and different technologies, the CRD screened out locations with low public acceptance, narrowing down on one general site.

I have never worked with a public engagement tool like Ethelo before and I am pleased to have had the opportunity. You and your team was very helpful and I appreciate the long nights I imagine you had to spend to make this happen.

Kristin Quayle
Communications Coordinator
Capital Regional District