Problems Inherent in Group Decisions

Complex issues involving diverse stakeholders are often reduced to a simplistic “For” or “Against” model that fails to address the real problem. This leads to one-sided outcomes that split people into winners and losers.

Poor decisions are at the heart of conflicts on all scales, failed efforts, and billions of dollars lost.

Make Fast, Optimal Collective Decisions With Ethelo

Ethelo is a web platform built to help groups of any size find smart decisions quickly and fairly. It is powered by a unique algorithm designed to focus the collective intelligence of groups. Our patented algorithm ranks the best course of action from all conceivable possibilities in seconds; drastically reducing the cost of group decision making.

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Ethelo’s Impact Made Far And Wide

Decision making is at the heart of operations in organizations.
Ethelo’s patented algorithmic solution is adopted across industries
solving problems, mitigating risks, scaling down costs, and ensuring fairness.

The final result looks set to provide us with an immediate economic value of at least 15%. That represents a measurable ROI of at least 85%, not taking into consideration the opportunity costs of time saved or savings beyond year one.

Stakeholder Engagement Coordinator, Federal Government of Canada

This has been a very authentic way to show that we in fact have listened to our members. The time savings are astronomical. And the interaction has been key, and its showing.

Engagement Coordinator, National Member Association, Land trust alliance

Ethelo made the face to face grant decision meeting proceed quicker, saving the team approximately 15 hours of in-person meeting time. A lot of the groundwork was completed before the grants decision meeting. This left more time for confirmation of the final decision between committee members and an opportunity to bring up anomalies and discuss budget allocations

Louise Pochillo, Community Investment Specialist, Vancity credit unioun

Ethelo enabled us to take a large set of potential options generated by small focus groups, and quickly identify an agreement that was broadly supported by staff. Notably, this took place in a live setting, with several hundred people using a broad variety of handheld devices.

Conrad Cone, Innovation & Engagement Advisor, Vancouver Coastal Health

I have never worked with a public engagement tool like Ethelo before and I am pleased to have had the opportunity.

Kristin Quayle, Communications Coordinator, Capital Regional District

Metro Vancouver Alliance organizes through relationships. The issues we tackle come directly from listening to our membership. We have found great value in using Ethelo for our transit fare consultation. Ethelo gave us a new option for consulting a large and diverse membership that was in line with our values and methods

Deborah Whittman, Lead Organizer, Metro Vancouver Alliance

Not only did the optimized outcome and survey statistics give Council the confidence to make a sound, optimized decision on the matter, it also provided us with unexpected additional insights and information from our Owners through the comments feature.

Terry Li, Manager, Rancho Management

Our public consultation services require easy-to-configure and user-friendly digital platforms, and our recent pilot of Ethelo in a community planning project was a successful collaboration. The team at Ethelo are very thoughtful about how to build their platform to support projects like this.

Vince Verlaan, Professional Engagement Specialist, Modus Planning, Design and Engagement

Ethelo provides a mechanism to capture an incredible number of possibilities in a handful of simple questions. This means participants in the decision are able to see what the impact of certain decisions is, and enables us to quickly eliminate many unpopular alternatives, and focus on the changes that will satisfy the most people.

Mark Coffin, President, Springtide Collective

Ethelo turned out to be such a huge asset to the symposium – thanks!

Cameron Chisholm, President, International Peace and Security Institute

I am very excited about Ethelo’s potential for dramatically expanding public engagement in the key policy issues of our time.

Antony Hodgson (Ph.D.) President, Fair Voting BC

How Ethelo Can Help Your Organization

Sound decisions are at the heart of every organization’s success.
Use Ethelo to make the best critical decision fast.

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The Ethelo team works with you every step of the way
to maximize the benefits of our collaborative platform

Step 1

Defining problems and identifying constraints.

Step 2

Customizing our online platform to suit your needs.

Step 3

Collaborating stakeholders online to let their voices be heard.

Step 4

Accessing all possibilities and ranking the best options.

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