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Strategic Planning

Develop strategic plans that harness group wisdom to build deep agreement
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Improve strategic planning efficiencies by shortening discovery and analysis time

Elevate stakeholder engagement levels by considering their insights in key decisions

Maximize likelyhood of implementation success by demonstrating due diligence in reaching out to community members

Maximize likelyhood of implementation success by proactively engaging stakeholders

Give an equal say to more reserved people who would otherwise be silent in in-person conversations

Increase organizational profit or potential through higher quality and cohesion of planning elements

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Strategy Design

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Strategies are more effective when key staff and stakeholders have a role in shaping them. Ethelo allows teams to vote, have a dialogue, and suggest possibilities in determining key decisions. By taking into account multiple insights, organizations can shortlist more robust and highly-supported strategic initiatives.

Document Evaluation

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Important reports, policies, and documents benefit from the evaluation of multiple experts and key stakeholders. In this real-life demo, Ethelo is used as a rating and discussion platform to assess the overall quality of a sustainability report.

Resource Allocation

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The allocation of budgets and staff time requires intelligent prioritization. In this real-life demo, Ethelo combines expert criteria with fixed operational conditions, identifying a mix of trade events that would meet organizational goals.

Customer Stories

Portland Hotel Society

Change Management

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Following significant changes to the organization’s top management, Vancouver’s Portland Hotel Society recognized that a highly participatory approach to strategic decisions was needed. By streamlining the engagement of 94 staff spread across multiple locations and many varied programs, Ethelo allowed the team of directors to unlock valuable insights needed for better results across 5 strategic areas.

Public Works and Government Services

Staff Action Planning

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Staff Engagement often fails at the point of plan delivery. Ethelo is being assessed to see how this failure point can be overcome. Public Works staff already identified a set of improvement actions as a result of an existing annual survey and follow-up workshop. Ethelo is being used to combine management’s rigor and budgetary constraints with the staff’s knowledge and needs to generate a pragmatic, highly-supported action plan. The number of potential permutations of plan is in the millions, but Ethelo will create positive staff engagement and help management see the best results quickly and transparently.

Prospects UK

Strategic Planning

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Ethelo’s platform helped a large UK-based training organization select and prioritize a series of activities as part of its ongoing social media strategy. The objective was to identify a set of solutions that would have the greatest and most coherent overall impact. The Prospects Group provides customized training solutions that reach over half a million people each year. With over 1,400 people, Prospects is one of the largest employee owned companies in the UK.
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