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Risk Assessment

Identify and quantify the financial impacts of risks in major investment and real estate decisions
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Reduce risk by seamlessly integrating diverse insights of key, multiple experts

Enhance and streamline the work of business specialists by focusing the decision-making process in one platform

Reduce bias and ‘group-think’ by allowing for the possibility of commentary anonymity

Reach more resilient decisions by easily cross-validating ideas and comments

Give desired voting influence to different participants, leading to more nuanced results

Combine ratings and commentary to quickly identify areas of opportunity

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Startup Fund

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The pooling and channeling of investment resources requires thoughtful analysis. In this demo, Ethelo combines dozens of perspectives to determine the best allocation of funds, allowing each investor to have a proportional influence on the final decision, depending on how much each has invested.

Risk Assessment

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Critical decisions are best informed with the insights of diverse experts. Merging multiple perspectives together, in this real-life demo Ethelo allows risk analysts to collaborate in evaluating key factors related to a real-state investment decision.

Customer Stories

Public Works and Government Services

Risk Assessment

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The Canadian Federal Government owns, manages and leases billions of dollars of real estate. It reconciles the accommodation needs of a variety of departments (long and short term) with taxpayer value for money. To manage risk and execute real estate decision-making with foresight and objectivity, the department of Public Works follows a highly structured and well documented process of risk factor identification, assessment, and risk-based cost adjustments of potential scenarios.

Public Works and Government Services

Strategic Risk Assessment

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The Strategic Management team within Public Services and Procurement Canada, Pacific, is required to shortlist 3 risks every year that are most relevant to their region. In order to do this, existing risks must be reviewed and a consensual, objective assessment process must be followed. Previously, assessments took a long time to conduct and process. Ethelo enabled a highly efficient 5-day process that ended with a shortlisting of 3 fully agreed risks, including one that had not been foreseen before the process began.
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