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Uncertain times need better community engagement

Until July 31st, you can benefit from our special COVID recovery offer. Get one year of unlimited online engagements to build stronger, more resilient communities.

During these unprecedented times, local governments need to connect with their residents in innovative, equitable, and meaningful ways, but it is challenging to do so when the current crisis is leaving cities with reduced resources.

Ethelo is here to help you during these challenging times. Now more than ever, it is essential for you to have two-way conversations with residents in order to build the community consensus needed to move forward with big budgeting decisions and infrastructure plans.

To help you kickstart your engagement processes, until July 31st you’ll have access to a special, unlimited Ethelo license at a major discount from our normal per-project pricing. This new offering will allow you to easily launch as many consultations as you wish, choosing from Citizen Budget and more than a dozen consultation templates.  

EDUCATE your residents

Show residents what trade-offs and tough choices their elected officials and government staff have to make during the current crisis.

Engage fairly

Provide a safe environment for all community groups to voice their concerns and establish a solutions-based dialogue. We also provide participant recruitment services to ensure that no community groups are left behind.


Find the best scenario in no time. Ethelo's unique algorithm allows you and your community to find the best and least divisive scenario, instantly and in real-time.


Build trust by involving residents in an educational, transparent, and fair decision-making process. We are here to help you build a stronger, sustainable and more cohesive community.

Special COVID REcovery pricing

To help you kickstart your engagement processes, we’re offering a special, unlimited Ethelo license at a major discount from our normal pricing of $3k to $10k/project. This new offering will allow you to easily launch as many consultations as you wish, choosing from Citizen Budget and more than a dozen consultation templates

per month,
billed annually

Special discount from our normal pricing of 3k to 10k per project. 

Offer expires on July 31st, 2020

  • Unlimited consultations
  • Unlimited participants
  • 3 Admin accounts
  • Choose from our template library
  • Access to training videos
  • Email Support

Frequently asked questions

You can choose from over a dozen different modules, each filling a different need:

  • Citizen Budget
  • Participatory Budgeting
  • Official Community Planning
  • Environmental Master Planning

… and many more. Check out all of our modules here.

Our normal pricing is between $3k to $10k per project. To help you in these challenging times, we’re offering an unlimited license at $250/month billed annually.

Local governments, public bodies and community groups seeking to make better decisions and build consensus around challenging, contentious issues.

Within your team: Your license comes with 3 administrators who have access to create and manage any engagement. Additional admin accounts are $500/year. You can also use your license for any engagements you’ve hired consultants for.

Publicly: There are no limits on participant numbers. You are free to share your consultation with as many participants as you’d like.

Since the onset of the pandemic, we’ve been thinking hard about how can we help. We have consulted with more than 1000 local government representatives about the challenges they’ve been facing while engaging with their citizens in these uncertain and physically distant times – that feedback inspired us to create this offer.

Absolutely. Our engagements can be embedded in or linked from any website, communications portal, or social media platform. 

Ethelo also fits all screen sizes and can be run in virtually any language, in addition to being able to host multi-lingual engagements for multi-lingual communities. Learn more about Ethelo’s technology here.

Yes, this license allows you to run as many engagements and/or surveys with as many participants as you’d like. No restrictions whatsoever as to how many you can do.  

Pro tip: Many clients choose to run us not only for larger public engagements but also for smaller internal consultations with stakeholders.

Ethelo is an online engagement platform that helps communities find fair and highly-supported decisions. Contact Us

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what Our clients say

"Apart from the civic election, no other activity in municipal government has as much impact on the life of our city than the annual budget process. The City of Edmonton strives for an open government where citizen engagement is of paramount importance, and Citizen Budget has helped us advance this goal."
Jason darrah
Director of Public Communications
"Using Ethelo for this project really highlighted a lot of the strengths of the platform. The backend data collection and organization saved us a lot of time, and allowed us to pull the data that we needed right away for use in our reports. Having all of those consensus building scores available meant that we could spend less time manually tabulating results, and more on providing analysis and other value-adds for our client."
Brendan Crosby
Context Research, An Argyle Company
""I had a very good experience working with you guys. What I found really valuable was how the platform automatically adjusted tax dollars in line with what was important to each individual - quite a few participants had noted that as a great feature as well. This makes it much easier to be transparent with numbers across the board, which is always helpful for municipalities."
jessica latchuk
Community Engagement Coordinator
"Ethelo offered a different opportunity in terms of allowing a conversation to happen online. We can see the general consensus as it’s forming and participants have more opportunities to see different perspectives."

joan botkin
Communications Manager
Town of Okotoks

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