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Policy Collaboration

Create pragmatic policies and updates quickly in an engaging, transparent real-time experience
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Increase productivity in the policy creation and editing process

Generate buy-in and focus effort on critical changes

Seamlessly integrate insights into a fully auditable and transparent decision-space

Demonstrate commitment to dynamic stakeholder empowerment

Improve expediency by allowing diverse decision-makers to collaborate across time and location

One process leading to coherent and efficient results

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Marijuana Legislation

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It’s difficult to design laws without effectively consulting the public that will be impacted by them. This demonstration explores how Ethelo can be used to design new legislation around the legalization of marijuana, looking at key issues including warning labels, mandatory minimums, age of access, taxation, residential growing and personal limits.

Procurement Policy

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Corporate Social Responsibility makes good business sense, but it also needs the insights and buy-in of multiple stakeholders, in particular staff. This illustration of concept shows how Ethelo can engage staff in decisions around socially responsible procurement, while at the same time remaining within the business constraints identified by management.

Policy Platform Development

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Certain policies platforms can have elements common to different people along the political or ideological spectrum. This real-life demo identifies broadly-supported strategic priorities across

Customer Stories

Land Trust Alliance

Policy Development

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The Land Trust Alliance needed a seamless way to update its Land Trust Standards and Practices. Ethelo functioned as a forum to evaluate the new the Standard. Integrating 2,000 comments with ratings from 350+ members across the USA, the platform provided a clear indication of elements with high levels of approval as well as those needing further rewording. Ethelo’s platform saved around 150 hours of staff time.

International Peace and Security Institute

International Policy

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In 2016 the International Peace and Security Institute hosted a symposium on ‘Countering Violent Extremism’ in Washington D.C. Over 250 leading policymakers, digital pioneers, religious leaders and development practitioners used Ethelo as an online tool to collectively evaluate a range of strategies. Experts identified the top strategies as well approaches regarded as ineffective. The platform revealed levels of disagreement and consensus on different ideas, as well as (unexpected) areas of difference and convergence between diverse participant subgroups.

Rancho Management

Bylaw Development

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Rancho Property Management manages a number of condominium developments in Vancouver, and they used Ethelo on two occasions to engage residents in developing new smoking bylaws. Ethelo was able to identify well-supported solutions to problems resulting from ambiguous bylaws which had caused a number of issues for the residence. The speed, transparency and ease of implementation of the Ethelo-proposed solution was appreciated by the condo associations in both cases.
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