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Optimize Operations

Reduce operating costs and improve service delivery by asking the people who know and care
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Reach optimal solutions by solving complex problems through focused expert insight

Ensure quick, thorough, and cross-validated results

Enhance and streamline the work of business process specialists by combining the decision-making process in one platform

Generate low-risk results through rigurous discovery-to-results process

Promote collaboration and shared decision-making

Engage external experts and stakeholders efficiently

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Product Design

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Marketing research is often slow and expensive. Enabling customers to decide what’s important, in this illustration, Ethelo finds features for a new software product, staying within a short timeline and fixed budget.

Event Planning

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When groups plan events, there are diversity of needs and budgets. In this illustration Ethelo finds the best vacation package fairly and quickly. This could be used both for friends/family who are looking to coordinate a trip, and also by travel companies looking to gain insight into popular vacation packages.

Resource Allocation

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The allocation of budgets and staff time requires intelligent prioritization. In this real-life demo, Ethelo combines expert criteria with fixed operational conditions, identifying a mix of trade events that would meet organizational goals.

Customer Stories

Office of Small and Medium Enterprises

Process Optimization

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OSME promotes services to help small and medium-sized enterprises do business with the Government of Canada. In the Pacific region, they attended over 30 different events in 2015, leading to contact with over 4,200 people in the business community.The OSME team needed to develop a high-impact program for community outreach that meet business and long-term strategic needs.

Credit Union


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It’s not easy to allocate a $400,000 grant among 50 leading organizations playing critical roles in food supply. Add to the challenge the coordination of 11 judging panelists evaluating over 105 supporting-documents. Vancity’s team of food experts deployed Ethelo to streamline its 2-stage ‘EnviroFund’ assessment process. The platform brought structure and cohesion to a complex evaluative discussion of over 38K potential scenarios, saving around 12 hours of in-person meeting time. After a first experience in 2015, Ethelo is being used again for the same purpose in 2016.

Public Works and
Government Services

Risk Assessment

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The Canadian Federal Government owns, manages and leases billions of dollars of real estate. It reconciles the accommodation needs of a variety of departments (long and short term) with taxpayer value for money. To manage risk and execute real estate decision-making with foresight and objectivity, the department of Public Works follows a highly structured and well documented process of risk factor identification, assessment, and risk-based cost adjustments of potential scenarios.
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