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Member Activation

Engage a distributed membership in resolving important questions facing your organization
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Improve likelyhood of sucessful implementation by transparently accounting for members’ input

Elevate member engagement levels by considering their insights in key decisions

Obtain valuable insights efficiently by allowing members to suggest and cross-validate new ideas

Design effective workplace policies through an engaging way of incorporating employee insights

Reduce bias and ‘group-think’ by allowing for the possibility of commentary anonymity

Increase communication efficiencies by adding structure to a conversation

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Strata Council

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Collective decisions can be addressed by considering everyone’s input, as long as the problems are simple and straightforward. In this shared property management decision, Ethelo balances owner preferences with budgetary and operational factors. Groups can use Ethelo to engage hundreds of participants across time and location to find optimal overlaps between the popular will and what’s actually feasible.

Member Priorities

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Member-led organizations exist to look after the interest of their constituents. In this real-life demo, Ethelo finds optimal overlaps between what members need and an organization’s available “staff-time budget”. This enables decision-makers to reach a practical shortlist of highly-popular (but also actionable) initiatives.

Policy Platform Development

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Certain policies platforms can have elements common to different people along the political or ideological spectrum. This real-life demo identifies broadly-supported strategic priorities across areas such as: Natural Resources, Community Services, Finance and Taxes, Government and Law, and Education and Health.

Customer Stories

Vancity Credit Union

Member-Driven Innovation

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Canada’s largest credit union is committed to the flourishing of local communities. Geared for the task, Vancity used Ethelo to identify broadly-supported initiatives to accelerate the cooperative economy in the greater Vancouver area. Starting in 2014, each year over 300 millennials have continued to evaluate ways to promote the growth of co-ops, build business acumen, and foster co-owned working spaces. A mix of ratings, comments, “likes”, and 100s of suggestions have helped Vancity shortlist yearly sets of popular initiatives among Millennials.

Land Trust Alliance

Policy Development

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The Land Trust Alliance needed a seamless way to update its Land Trust Standards and Practices. Ethelo functioned as a forum to evaluate the new the Standard. Integrating 2,000 comments with ratings from 350+ members across the USA, the platform provided a clear indication of elements with high levels of approval as well as those needing further rewording. Ethelo’s platform saved around 150 hours of staff time.

Gen Squeeze

Program Development

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GenSqueeze (an advocacy organization for Millennials) needed to identify a broadly-supported package of benefits for their members, in areas such as housing, food, and affordable education. With several thousand members across Canada, Ethelo’s forum was used to engage more than 370 participants. Despite having a lean staff hour budget to allocate towards the different initiatives, GenSqueeze deployed Ethelo’s constraint-sensitive algorithm to shortlist broadly-supported benefit options and shape their membership program.
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