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Expert Approvals

Focus internal expertise in applying criteria to granting, purchasing, hiring, loan approvals and other key decisions.
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Blend quantitative and qualitative inputs in order to find more nuanced decisions

Reduce risk by seamlessly integrating diverse insights of multiple experts

Reach more resilient decisions by easily cross-validating ideas and comments

Increase productivity by allowing diverse decision-makers to collaborate across time and location

Give desired voting influence to different participants, allowing for nuanced results

Allow for the possibility of anonymity to eliminate bias and ‘group-think’

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Staff Hiring

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The hiring of new staff members can have important repercussions, both on technical and interpersonal levels. Ethelo allows groups to have a say in who their organizations hire key players, enabling them to identify well-qualified candidates who also have high-levels of overall popular support.

Startup Fund

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The pooling and channeling of investment resources requires thoughtful analysis. In this demo, Ethelo combines dozens of perspectives to determine the best allocation of funds, allowing each investor to have a proportional influence on the final decision, depending on how much each has invested.


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Procurement decisions are best guided with the insights of diverse departments. Bringing multiple experts together, Ethelo allows for cross-team collaboration with the aim of identifying key components of a criteria-based purchasing strategy.

Customer Stories

Vancity Credit Union


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It’s not easy to allocate a $400,000 grant among 50 leading organizations playing critical roles in food supply. Add to the challenge the coordination of 11 judging panelists evaluating over 105 supporting-documents. Vancity’s team of food experts deployed Ethelo to streamline its 2-stage ‘EnviroFund’ assessment process. The platform brought structure and cohesion to a complex evaluative discussion of over 38K potential scenarios, saving around 12 hours of in-person meeting time. After a first experience in 2015, Ethelo is being used again for the same purpose in 2016.

Public Works and Government Services

Risk Assessment

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The Canadian Federal Government owns, manages and leases billions of dollars of real estate. It reconciles the accommodation needs of a variety of departments (long and short term) with taxpayer value for money. To manage risk and execute real estate decision-making with foresight and objectivity, the department of Public Works follows a highly structured and well documented process of risk factor identification, assessment, and risk-based cost adjustments of potential scenarios.
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