Ethelo launches innovative SAFE Round

Ethelo, an award-winning technology company is launching its unique, patented group decision technology as a turn-key SaaS platform. To fund the promotion of the new mass-market product and upcoming ICO, Ethelo is innovating again with an exciting investor offering.

Ethelo is holding a SAFE (Simple Agreement for Future Equity) auction. Reflecting the company’s $1M+ sales, strong client reviews and award-winning, patented technology, Ethelo invites interested investors to make their best offer as a SAFE bid.

Download Ethelo SAFE Bid Docs

Download Ethelo SAFE Bid Docs

Accredited investors can bid on Ethelo’s SAFE by proposing (a) an investment amount and (b) a minimum discount off Ethelo’s next round, planned within the next 12 months.

For example, an investor with $50k at hand desiring a 33% capital gain would bid $50k at a 25% discount.

Ethelo will accept the best bids, consider the bidder as well as the amount and discount.

The first close will be February 16 2018.

You are invited to read Ethelo’s Investor Deck. If you have further questions, click to schedule a call with CEO John Richardson.

Schedule a chat with CEO John Richardson

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