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Employee Agreements

Develop fair and binding agreements between management and staff that leave everyone a winner
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Increase organizational wellness through collaborative decisions with high buy-in

Improve likelyhood of sucessful implementation by transparently accounting for everyone’s input

Allow team members to suggest and cross-validate their own new ideas

Design effective workplace policies through a engaging way of incorporating employee insights

Reduce bias and ‘group-think’ by allowing for the possibility of commentary anonymity

Seamlessly turn staff and management insight into actionable results

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Employee Benefit Package

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Group decisions can be hard to coordinate, especially when there are multiple priorities and budgets involved. Here Ethelo allows a company to give a voice to its staff in order to identify optimal overlaps between budget and what employees need and want.

Event Planning

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When groups plan events, there are diversity of needs and budgets. In this illustration Ethelo finds the best vacation package fairly and quickly. This could be used both for friends/family who are looking to coordinate a trip, and also by travel companies looking to gain insight into popular vacation packages.

Customer Stories

Public Works and Government Services

Staff Action Planning

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Staff Engagement often fails at the point of plan delivery. Ethelo is being assessed to see how this failure point can be overcome. Public Works staff already identified a set of improvement actions as a result of an existing annual survey and follow-up workshop. Ethelo is being used to combine management’s rigor and budgetary constraints with the staff’s knowledge and needs to generate a pragmatic, highly-supported action plan. The number of potential permutations of plan is in the millions, but Ethelo will create positive staff engagement and help management see the best results quickly and transparently.

Vancouver Coastal Health

Employee Accord

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Clearly expressed agreements setting out mutual expectations are a critical component of a healthy and vibrant work culture. Vancouver Coastal Health’s employee engagement team deployed Ethelo to streamline a real-time engagement with staff to develop an Employee Accord. The platform enabled staff to shortlist the most important set of expectations they had of management, from among 700+ potential combinations, and clearly articulate the kind of organizational support they needed in order to do their jobs effectively.
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