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Development Consultation

Ensure major infrastructure projects receive the social license they will need to succeed long-term
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Improve productivity through greater buy-in and reduced fixed costs of delays

Galvinize support for projects by engaging stakeholders in an authentic and dynamic way

Obtain additional insights from people who normally don’t show up to in-person consultations

Increase good-will and brand reputation through transparency and consultation

Improve likelyhood of sucessful implementation by transparently accounting for community input

Allow project managers to easily have a social dialogue with stakeholders

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Community Centre Design

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Ethelo can be used to conduct public consultations around the design and implementation of major development projects. This illustration combines public insights with expert knowledge, enabling decision-makers to identify financial and construction priorities well as other technical requirements for a community center.

Rezoning Development

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This typical scenario has a developer in the early stages of rezoning a city block. The developer would like to know which public amenities would be more broadly supported for extra height. The block has a small park and a heritage house in disrepair. A small community centre is also under consideration.

Public Infrastructure Consultation Forum

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Blending expert perspectives with the public’s social licence to operate is a key goal of any successful infrastructure consultation. In this illustration, Ethelo combines expert and community insights, enabling public bodies to identify a publicly approved location, as well as other technical requirements for a municipal landfill.

Customer Stories

Capital Regional District

Waste Treatment Consultation

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The Capital Regional District of British Columbia, Canada used Ethelo to bring full-transparency to an heated decision around the location for wastewater treatment plant. Local citizens and governing bodies needed to resolve the diversity of needs of tax-payers, activists, and municipal administrators. After evaluating 6 potential locations and different technologies, the CRD screened out locations with low public acceptance, narrowing down on one general site.

Municipality of Gibsons

Official Community Planning

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Following a citizen open house, Modus Consulting used Ethelo to validate amendments to Gibson’s Official Community Plan. Over 165 participants added 23 new proposals and contributed 1,200+ comments. Various levels of support for recommended changes reflected the community’s diverse opinions. Modus Engagement Specialist, Vince Verlaan, affirms: “We required an easy-to-configure and user-friendly digital platform… working with Ethelo in this planning project was a successful collaboration.
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