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Conflict Resolution

Reach fair agreements in contentious disputes that receive the support of all sides
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Improve organizational wellness by identifying solutions leading to greater team cohesion

Reduce cost of conflict through speedy resolution and minimal unproductive exploration

Increase efficiencies in cost and implementation times

Increase goodwill through proven commitment to transparency

Increase objectivity by anomymizing a potentially biased conversation

Promote collaboration and shared decision-making

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Environmental Permitting

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Communities, governments and business need to assess the feasibility and terms-of reference for entering permitting programs. This consultation illustration considers the tradeoffs associated with revenues, jobs and ecological impact.

International Treaty-making

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Law and policy-making require integrating multiple, diverse perspectives. In this real-life demo, international policy experts were asked to evaluate a series of proposed legal terms and definitions, to eventually ratify a proposed U.N. law.

Strata Council

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Collective decisions can be addressed by considering everyone’s input, as long as the problems are simple and straightforward. In this shared property management decision, Ethelo balances owner preferences with budgetary and operational factors. Groups can use Ethelo to engage hundreds of participants across time and location to find optimal overlaps between the popular will and what’s actually feasible.

Customer Stories

Creekside Condominium

Conflict Resolution

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The directors of Creekside Manor, a 165-unit condominium in Vancouver, faced a difficult decision around cutting or not cutting trees. They also needed to factor in how much money were owners willing to spend, and that some residents owned or occupied more than one suite. Surprisingly, new possibilities surfaced during Ethelo’s online voting and dialogue experience, leading to an unexpected but broadly-supported decision.

Public Works and Government Services

Staff Action Planning

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Staff Engagement often fails at the point of plan delivery. Ethelo is being assessed to see how this failure point can be overcome. Public Works staff already identified a set of improvement actions as a result of an existing annual survey and follow-up workshop. Ethelo is being used to combine management’s rigor and budgetary constraints with the staff’s knowledge and needs to generate a pragmatic, highly-supported action plan. The number of potential permutations of plan is in the millions, but Ethelo will create positive staff engagement and help management see the best results quickly and transparently.

International Peace and Security Institute

International Policy

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In 2016 the International Peace and Security Institute hosted a symposium on ‘Countering Violent Extremism’ in Washington D.C. Over 250 leading policymakers, digital pioneers, religious leaders and development practitioners used Ethelo as an online tool to collectively evaluate a range of strategies. Experts identified the top strategies as well approaches regarded as ineffective. The platform revealed levels of disagreement and consensus on different ideas, as well as (unexpected) areas of difference and convergence between diverse participant subgroups.
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