Case Study: Town of Okotoks2019-12-10T03:00:30-07:00

Case Study

Town Of Okotoks


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Elicit community input on a wide range of environmental initiatives, from solar panels to green spaces


350 community residents provided clear metrics of support and more than 1,000 comments, which will feed directly into developing the Town’s Environmental Master Plan

Developing successful and sustainable community plans requires the wisdom and feedback that only residents can provide.
In this project by the Town of Okotoks Alberta, municipal administrators engaged local residents about its Environmental Master Plan. Their input on a wide range of environmental initiatives is being used to shape the Town’s long term sustainability planning.

Ethelo offered a different opportunity in terms of allowing a conversation to happen online. We can see the general consensus as it’s forming and participants have more opportunities to see different perspectives

Marni Hutchison
Okotoks Communications Specialist