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Case Study

Public Works and Government Services


Long Case Study


Create a pragmatic and broadly supported action plan to address key challenges faced for each of 4 departments


Efficient short-listing of 3 fully agreed risks, including one that emerged during the process

The Strategic Management team within Public Services and Procurement Canada, Paciļ¬c, is required to shortlist 3 risks every year that are most relevant to their region. In order to do this, existing risks must be reviewed and a consensual, objective assessment process must be followed. Previously, assessments took a long time to conduct and process. Ethelo enabled a highly efficient 5-day process that ended with a shortlisting of 3 fully agreed risks, including one that had not been foreseen before the process began.

I have enjoyed the process of setting this up and using Ethelo. I love efficiency!

Sponsoring senior manager.