Carbon Budget – Live Demo2019-11-06T00:45:07+00:00


What is the eDemocracy Carbon Budget?

  • Designed to identify the most broadly supported local climate solutions policies
  • Participants compare the greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction opportunities and trade offs of different local
    policy options
  • Micro-targeted communications campaigns are used to recruit participants from sub communities
    throughout the region
  • Jurisdictions will be able to more fully implement their climate action plans with buy in from their citizens
  • An effective engagement campaign can change people’s feelings about climate and shift them away from thinking of it as either unsolvable, unpreventable or unconnected to them.

Why should you watch the Live Demo?

  • See how the customizable carbon budget tool can help achieve social license for climate solutions
  • Learn how our team can help with set up, participant recruitment and meaningful public engagement
  • Have your questions answered in real time
  • Find out about funding opportunities to be one of the pilot projects on our new platform