6 Great Practices to Drive Online Engagement

Engagement is a continuum that begins with broadcasting and ends with participation and mutually-beneficial results. Marketing and social media professionals constantly face the challenge of moving from the former towards the latter — and to do so in a genuine way. In an over-stimulated virtual environment only the ‘dialogically-fit’ will survive in the midst of a swirling amount of ‘like’ and ‘sign-up here’ requests.

Surely keeping things personal is key: for instance, if your organization wants to engage people and have them contribute content regularly, there must be a visible person as your community leader. People want to engage with people (not with companies or municipalities).

That’s practice number one, which leads to a similar one: the importance of having senior leadership engaged in comment threads. This makes visitors feel it’s worthwhile joining the conversation, and shows organizations care enough to be engaged in the dialogue.

What other considerations can be taken into account?

Take a peek here for more valuable online engagement practices.

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