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It is now possible to become a shareholder and own a part of Ethelo for as little as $250. Starting in early 2017, Ethelo is launching an equity crowdfunding campaign to raise capital. Our goal is to help grow the business into US and international markets – and catalyze more change.

About Ethelo

Ethelo emerged out of a vision for a completely new approach to group decision-making, combining human intelligence with information technology, and the potentially vast systemic impacts of improving such an essential function in society.

Ethelo is comprised of two entities. First, Ethelo Decisions Inc, a technology company dedicated to helping organizations focus collective intelligence to reach the best decisions more quickly; second, Ethelo Democracy Society, a non-profit organization dedicated to a more effective, citizen-engaged democracy. Ethelo Decisions undertakes commercial projects which funds the development of the Ethelo technology that is provided to Ethelo Democracy and its partners for the cost of hardware.

It is Ethelo Decisions Inc. the technology company which is raising funds in this crowdfunding campaign.

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The Financial Opportunity

Ethelo Decisions has doubled its revenues each year for the past four years, earning about half a million dollars in 2016. Our customers include the Canadian federal government and Vancouver Coastal Health, large enterprises such as TELUS and Vancity, and a range of large and small non-profit organizations.

Ethelo has been described by the Canadian Government as “a new benchmark of state of art that is clearly ahead of competitors.“ We are taking aim at a $500 billion dollar global business market that is growing rapidly.

Ethelo investors qualify for tax benefits – including RRSP incentives, Tax Free Savings Accounts and 30% in tax credits for BC Residents.

The Social Opportunity

Investors in Ethelo are supporting an effort to evolve democracy, which is under challenge on a number of fronts. To rise to the challenges facing modern society, including climate change and inequality, we must use technology to deepen the advantages that group participation and collective wisdom can provide.

Ethelo’s technology is provided both to government and, for free through Ethelo Democracy, to citizen groups engaged in democratic decision-making. As Ethelo grows and improves, it will contribute to a new global infrastructure for collective self-governance.

Ethelo investors have the opportunity to help provide what could prove to be a systemic solution to many of modern society’s challenges.

The Problem of Group Decisions


Clients of Ethelo
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The Team behind Ethelo

Management Team

Laura Williams


Laura Williams is the lead developer of the Ethelo platform. A senior software engineer with 15 years experience in crowdsourcing, Laura has built ten different collaboration platforms to engage the wisdom of groups. She has also worked as a senior developer with Chaordix, Mobio and Mogo Money.

John Richardson


John Richardson is the founder of Ethelo and inventor of the Ethelo engine. He completed a B.Sc. (Hon) in Mathematics at the University of Toronto and a law degree at the University of Victoria. John is also the founder of Pivot Legal Society, one of Canada’s leading human rights organizations, and an Ashoka Fellow.

Michelle Martin


Michelle Martin is a serial entrepreneur and communications professional. She has worked as a reporter, in corporate executive communications for BC Hydro and as founder of ArtsAlly and Nxt Level You. Her expertise in the tech industry includes marketing, strategy, and business development.

Executive Board

Vickie Cammack


Victoria Cammack is the founder of Tyze Personal Networks, and a successful social entrepreneur dedicated to strengthening community and addressing isolation. She is a Member of the Order of Canada and former Executive Director of PLAN Institute for Caring Citizenship.

David LePage


David LePage works to accelerate and leverage social values in the marketplace through connecting social purchasing, blended value businesses, social enterprise, and social finance. He is a founder and principal of Accelerating Social Impact and former head of Enterprising Non-Profits.

Sean Melrose


Sean is the Chief Investment Officer of Rhiza Capital Inc. and an active angel investor. Building on 12 years of investment management experience in the public markets, he now builds community-based investment capacity and drives capital into the impact investment space.

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