Critical Meetings

Ensure the success of critical meetings through deliberative dialogue and structured decision-making

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Have more expedient meetings that also rely less on physical attendance

Reach more resilient decisions by remotely cross-validating ideas and comments

Promote innovation, transparency, and buy-in

Increase meeting efficiencies by uploading relevant documents and information into a structured decision space

Give an equal say to more reserved people who would otherwise be silent in in-person conversations

Reduce bias and ‘group-think’ by allowing for the possibility of commentary anonymity

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Vancity Credit Union


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It’s not easy to allocate a $400,000 grant among 50 leading organizations playing critical roles in food supply. Add to the challenge the coordination of 11 judging panelists evaluating over 105 supporting-documents. Vancity’s team of food experts deployed Ethelo to streamline its 2-stage ‘EnviroFund’ assessment process. The platform brought structure and cohesion to a complex evaluative discussion of over 38K potential scenarios, saving around 12 hours of in-person meeting time. After a first experience in 2015, Ethelo is being used again for the same purpose in 2016.


This is a sample timeline for this product. It varies depending on the project complexity and the client’s requirements


Ensure critical meeting success.
Includes 30-50 hours of Ethelo
effort over a 2-4 week period.
Price Range $7.8K-$14.5K