About Eduardo Sasso

Eduardo is a business consultant focused on assisting organizations to embed sustainable practices. He holds an MA in Interdisciplinary Studies focused on business ethics.

People Profile: Sean Melrose, founder of Rhiza Capital

Sean Melrose's background in mathematics and philosophy is just the beginning of what makes him a unique investor - amidst colleagues of accountants and MBAs. His continuous ability to lend a unique lens to problem-solving led him to launch Rhiza Capital, which is bringing the small town values of care (and, as an extension, impact) [...]

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Employee Engagement Surveys, Run by Monkeys?

At first it seems surprising that the history of evolution may have important lessons for employee engagement specialists interested in using surveys. But as it turns out, they do. The human vocabulary has thousands of words in hundreds of languages. But we are not unique. Scientists continue to show how primate populations have a relatively [...]

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External & Internal Digital Consultations: A Comparison

“A new era of real-time, pulse, and anonymous feedback and culture applications has emerged. . . . and the companies that figure out how to tap into this type of feedback will likely rocket ahead in their work practices, employee engagement, customer service, and product innovation.”   –  Josh Bersin, Deloitte HR Senior Consultant Today’s [...]

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Climbing the Ladder of Engagement

Welcoming Stakeholders as a Source of Innovation by Eduardo Sasso, Engagement Process Optimizer at Ethelo Decisions I used to rave about a board game called “Snakes and Ladders” when I was a kid. It made me sad to land on a snake (and thus move back), but I got a kick every time I landed [...]

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Digital Employee Engagement

Foundations for Enhancing Digital Employee Collaboration Employee engagement is both an art and a science. As the former, it requires subtlety and nuance; as the latter, it calls for structured practices that have been proven to deliver. Employees are a great asset in creating pathways towards their own success. Howver as obvious as it may sound, [...]

By | February 24th, 2016|Expert Insight, Product Demonstration|0 Comments
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